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Wedding Industry Law

Jun 29, 2020

Thumper’s Mom didn’t live in the age of the internet. When does a disparaging review cross the line into actionable defamation? What are the elements of a defamation case and why are these difficult lawsuits to prove? All this and more on this week’s episode. 

Defamation Basics:

Jun 22, 2020

Like the Yeti or crocodiles in the sewer, there’s lots of myths and misinformation about trademarks. In this episode, we welcome Trademark Attorney Sonia Lakhany to discuss what is fact and what is fiction, and why your wedding business should consider a trademark as a business asset. 

I own my URL and my LLC...

Jun 15, 2020

Do you lose copyright protection when posting a photo to Instagram? A recent U.S. District Court decision (Sinclair v. Ziff Davis LLC) seems to suggest so. In that case, photographer Stephanie Sinclair’s photo was used by Mashable without permission. But, the Judge found that because only the “embed code,” not the...

Jun 8, 2020

Is having an arbitration clause a good idea for your contract? What is arbitration exactly? In this episode, we talk about arbitration proceedings, the negatives, the positives, and whether this alternative dispute resolution is right for wedding...

Jun 1, 2020

Can you make your client pay your attorney's fees if you have to sue them in court? The short answer is yes. BUT, don't make the mistake of thinking you are covered with a generic, boilerplate clause. On today's podcast, we talk about what problems arise from "reasonable attorney's fees...