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Wedding Industry Law

Jul 27, 2020

When is it OK to leave a client in the dust because of what a #wedding guest has done (broke your stuff or got handsy)? Is this a power that you can give yourself with your contract?  

As always, your contract is your secret weapon. 

This week, I discuss what it means to make a client “in charge,” and therefore...

Jul 20, 2020

A majority of Gen Z and Millennial couples rank LGBTQ allyship a priority when selecting wedding vendors. So, how are your values reflected in your day-to-day business operations and documents? 

Need some help with that? You got it! 

This week we chat with LGBTQ inclusivity expert Kathryn Hamm @mbkinsights on updating...

Jul 13, 2020

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is unlawful. FINALLY! But what does this mean for you as an employer of #LGBTQ workers? 

Find out on this week’s podcast, you’ll learn:

How to create an inclusive working environment 

Easy ways to...

Jul 6, 2020

After a wedding photographer was defamed on TV by former clients, she took her case to court. The result? A one million dollar verdict. What makes this case special and what can wedding pros learn from it? Find out when we talk to Dave Wishnew, the trial lawyer who handled the matter. 

Dave Wishnew: